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2019 Year-end Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Sponsors of Hope,

To be a sponsor of hope is much more than supporting and organization, is it not? Providing hope for another is telling them that they have gifts, possibilities and potential in their lives, and we are here to help you realize it all. As you read our newsletters, as some of you visit our campus in Sululta, our group homes in Addis Ababa, our foster homes, you see firsthand the many stories of hope that have been written because of your care and concern. Thank you on behalf of the receivers of hope.

It is hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching one of our premier holiday seasons. In just a few weeks we will be lifting up our thanks-giving for the many blessings we have received. Immediately afterwards, we begin the season of Advent, that time of preparation to receive the Christ Child yet, again, into our lives. My tradition celebrates this season with an Advent Wreath with 4 candles representing the four Sundays of preparation before Christmas Day. One of the candles we light is traditionally the Candle of Hope.

The source of hope for all of us is indeed the blessings of God’s gracious gift of God’s Son who came into the world to show us God’s hope for us all. Jesus who shows us the best of who we can be, the promise and possibility we can live into, as we follow him in our lives. Part of this hope is extending God’s love and God’s hope to a world God loves. (John 3:16-17)

We, as the Advisory Board for Hope for the Hopeless, ask that you consider a “Hope” offering this holiday season. The hope we can offer is based upon the blessings, your thanks-giving, to the work we share together.

One of the hardest encounters several of us watched in Addis Ababa was when a small group of young boys, who were living on the street, came up to Pastor Surafel and asked if there was any room yet at the Center so they could come and live. He had to sadly tell them that there was not at that moment, but to keep checking. Help us make sure there is room at the inn and we do not have to turn anyone away when they ask for our care and a chance at living life to its fullest. Let us indeed be sponsors of hope. Will you help us spread this hope with a gift to Hope for the Hopeless?

Yours in Christ,
Advisory Board of Hope for the Hopeless

Christmas dinner in the US and Ethiopia looks quite different, but both celebrate the birth of Jesus

We wish you a wonderful Christmas with all the trimmings!! Christmas in Ethiopia is called Gena and is celebrated January 7th this year.

In celebration of 25 years of H4H, we want to make our annual dinner extra special for our children, staff and relations, potentially over 500 in attendance! Please be a part of the celebration and appreciation of the amazing staff who care for our children. 

Christmas - Gena in Ethiopia

One of our Ethiopian volunteers told us that Ethiopian Christmas is Jan 7th this year and is called Gena. In researching this tradition, I learned that the celebration includes dressing up and welcoming guests to share in worship, singing, testifying and special meals with spicy chicken and injera (bread). It seems that the celebration remains more of religion and less commercial than in the US but, it still includes the sharing of gifts.

We wish all of our Children and Staff the most special Christmas – Gena and wish blessing upon them all.


January 2019    - 25 Years of Hope!

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