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March 2020 - Dear Sponsors of Hope, COVID-19 update

I want to update you on steps we are taking to protect our kids, our foster families, our staff and their families during the COVID-19 viral pandemic. According to the latest information, there are presently 12 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Ethiopia. About what we had in our country just several weeks ago. This means we can still make some important choices which will provide protection and lessen the impact of this disease on the Hope family.

We are immediately going to practice social distancing. All of our kids housed in group homes in Addis Ababa will be moved to our campus in Sululta. Addis is a densely populated city of over 6 million people, making it almost a surety the disease will spread rapidly. We are also inviting the staff and their families to move to Sululta as well, for their protection and the continuing of their employment. Staff that remain in Addis will not be allowed to continue to serve our kids during this time, as they would be probable carriers of the virus and this would defeat all we have done to get ahead of this disease.

All the monies we presently have in our accounts will be used to purchase food and any needed supplies. We have seen how our store’s shelves are often depleted of many foods and products during these past few weeks. The impact will be much greater in Ethiopia. I ask several things from you as we seek to minimize the impact of this pandemic as best as we can. We appreciate your support!  You are the reason we can make these preparations to protect our kids, staff and families. We also ask that if it is possible to send an extra donation or pay your sponsorship several months in advance it would be greatly appreciated. This will allow us to purchase more of the essentials we need to weather this virus.

There are other practices being put into place that will allow us to not only provide greater support to the kids in foster families but also to the Hope family as a whole. We are looking to get the supplies needed by our nurse so she can provide wellness checks and the best medical responses we can give to our kids, staff and families if they are affected by the illness.

We will continue to update you as we seek to provide our best to truly be hope to those who need us more than ever in this moment. We again thank you for your concern and your compassionate responses to this moment.

Our last request is for your ongoing prayers for the safety of our Hope family and that we may make the decisions that provide, as best we can, the safety and needs of those we serve.

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