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Why Hope for the Hopeless

Why Hope for the Hopeless

When you give to Hope for the Hopeless, 100% of the sponsorship goes to the in-Country costs of Ethiopia. You heard it right - 100%. We have a team of private donors and volunteers who pay our administrative/operating costs here in the US, so when you  sponsor you can rest assured that your entire gift will go towards changing the life of a child in Ethiopia!

Donations can be one-time or reoccurring 


Why Hope for the Hopeless

Why Hope for the Hopeless

Why Hope for the Hopeless

Hope for the Hopeless is committed to caring for abandoned and orphaned street children in Ethiopia who have lost their parents & families due to death, disease, or poverty.
Some of these children have family, but they are unable to feed, clothe or provide them with shelter and some are fleeing abuse. All of these children are at risk of violence & exploitation. 
For over two decades, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers join with Ethiopian staff to rescue these street children, to rehabilitate them with transitional and institutional care, and return them to a healthy and stable environment in which they can grow and flourish.


What You Can Do

Why Hope for the Hopeless

What You Can Do

  • Support meals for a child - $5
  • Support athletics - $10 for equipment
  • Support a month of school - $20
  • Feed a child for a month - $25
  • Sponsor a child and provide all their needs - $45-60 month 
  • Sponsor a teacher salary - $75 month
  • Help a family start a small business and support the child and family - 
  • one-time of $300 

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The lives we impact

Additional Information

Hope for the Hopeless rescues, rehabilitates, reconnects abandoned and orphaned children in Ethiopia. The children are rescued from the streets where they are victimized and provided a safe family environment to heal and thrive. They are nurtured in body, mind and spirit. Through counselling and rehabilitation, they are reconnected to school and loving relationships and given the opportunity to grow into a thriving adulthood.  

The program is comprised of a rescue center for street children (Drop-In Center), a residential orphanage and long-term foster care homes where hundreds of children can:

• Feel safe and secure

• Learn to trust again    

• Learn the truth of Jesus Christ
• Receive food and clothing    

• Receive education       

• Receive basic medical care

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Non-Profit Information All donations are tax deductible Hope for the Hopeless is an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization.          EIN: 80-0428143