Saving Kids

from living

on the streets.


$45 a month will support the growth and development of street children and orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



There are currently over 150 children in need of sponsorship. For just $45 per month, you can sponsor a child in the Hope for the Hopeless program. Your sponsorship provides the child with food, clothing, discipleship and other basic necessities, education and medical care. Your sponsorship of a child also helps to protect the family and community in which the child lives.


You can literally change the life of a child.


Hope for the Hopeless is a child development program in Ethiopia.

Sponsoring a child for $45 a month gives a future to an orphan and gets them off the street.

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Where does

your money go?


When you give to Hope for the Hopeless, 100% of the sponsorship goes to the in-Country costs of Ethiopia. You heard it right - 100%. We have a team of private donors who pay our administrative/operating costs here in the US, so when you sponsor you can rest assured that your entire gift will go towards changing the life of a child in Ethiopia!